Kilgariff Advisory signs agreement with the Government of Canada

O Canada! O Canada!
Kilgariff Advisory has signed an agreement with the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Consulate – SYDNY, to work with a number of Canadian Companies in the #IntelligentTransportSystems industry.

The objective of the business program is to connect Canadian ITS companies with Australian governments, as well as identify partnering opportunities with key commercial entities in the transport sector. The project aims to build collaborative partnerships for knowledge transfer and increased efficiency in the transport industry.

Canada and Australia business engagement is enhanced by similar culture, governance and strong legal frameworks.

Canadian ITS companies can bring valuable expertise and innovative solutions to Australia’s transport sector, through advanced technologies and best practices in traffic management, safety systems, and sustainable mobility, thereby contributing to Australia’s objectives to improve urban planning and reduce congestion.

Canadian- Australian ITS collaboration creates a win-win prospect for both economies and communities. This could be a collaborative opportunity of a lifetime for prospective Australian companies and governments.
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