Speech to 12th Annual Victorian Major Projects Conference 2023

Great to be invited back to speak at the Expotrade Global 12th Annual Victorian Major Projects Conference 2023 on “Insights, Challenges and Opportunities for the Transport Infrastructure Industry”.

There’s lots of activity in the infrastructure space, with transport infrastructure policy under review and a generational shift from transport to renewables/transmission underway.

It’s understood the Government response to the Infrastructure Investment Program (90 day) Review will be announced in conjunction with the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook in November/December. In conjunction with this the federal Minister also has a report on the National Partnership Agreement on how federal/state governments invest in land transport infrastructure, and reforms to Infrastructure Australia are currently before the Senate.

Decarbonising transport is also another issue with no agreed pathway to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030, or net zero emissions by 2050. The Commonwealth is developing a Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap and collaboration between industry and government will be key.

The Commonwealth is aiming to release an Infrastructure Policy Statement in coming months to establish a framework for industry and government to operate in the new infrastructure space.

The focus of Australian infrastructure spending is also undergoing a major shift from transport infrastructure to renewables/transmission and social infrastructure. This will largely be occurring in regional Australia, with a commensurate workforce demand. A lot to think about.

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