Michael Kilgariff

Michael is a commercially driven executive with a strong grasp of the economic, policy, and political landscape. With an extensive experience spanning politics, government, industry, and the community, he excels in stakeholder management and building robust relationships. Michael possesses excellent communication skills across various media platforms and demonstrates significant leadership experience and political acumen in working productively with government at all levels.

Skills and Experience

  • A relationship and commercially driven executive with a high awareness of the economic, policy and political environment, with a broad stakeholder network of political, government, industry and community contacts.
  • Strengths are in stakeholder management combined with extensive experience in building strong working relationships between industry, government and the community.
  • Excellent communication skills across multi-media platforms.
  • Significant leadership experience and demonstrated political acumen in working productively with all levels of government in dynamic environments.
  • Extensive experience in setting and developing organisational culture as a foundation for high performing teams.
  • Proven leader in developing a successful approach to ESG and diversity & inclusion, incorporating policy initiatives, highly visible leadership and sponsorship, and culture.
  • Significant experience working with a range of Boards and corporate governance frameworks, providing advice to Boards, and leading reform in a collaborative manner.
  • Experience in 6 industry associations, with many years of exposure to the unique dynamics of member-based organisations, combined with a strong focus on government, industry and community engagement, as well as broad recognition as an industry leader and key policy influencer.
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