Road user charging

The High Court has just ruled that Australian states/territories are unable to implement an electric vehicle levy, declaring it is unconstitutional. The Victorian Government will have to abolish their Electric Vehicle levy, as will other states with plans to implement such a tax in future.

This is both a good and bad thing:
· Good – because any road user charging system should be nationally consistent.
· Bad – because road user charging is a reform that is long overdue to address significant issues.

This is a problem facing governments all over the world that have a fuel excise to fund road construction and maintenance, and which are facing more fuel efficient vehicles and a surge in electric vehicles (which is also a very good thing).

Congestion, a growing maintenance problem (especially on rural and regional roads), and road safety concerns are on the rise. Road reform is crucial to accommodate Australia’s population growth and to ensure efficient movement of goods and people.
Additionally, there’s a need for sustainable infrastructure development to mitigate environmental impacts of road construction and use.  
Road reform should include streamlined planning, better funding allocation, technology integration, and long-term strategies for maintaining and upgrading the network.

By implementing effective road user charging systems, Australia can address its infrastructure funding challenges, manage congestion, and promote sustainable and equitable transport solutions.

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