AICD – Melbourne’s Biggest Boardroom Lunch

5 March 2024

A great Australian Institute of Company Directors Vic event today – Melbourne’s Biggest Boardroom Lunch – a simulation exercise designed to mimic a real board meeting of an ASX telecommunications listed company.
A fantastic way to stay current and across some big policy issues coming at Australia industry. Do the AICD Company Director course if you haven’t already.
The Board had 3 committees; Audit; Risk; People and Remuneration and considered three agenda items:
1. Integrating ESG into the company’s risk management and strategic decision-making.
2. Board oversight of ethics and business implications of AI.
3. Proactive strategies to emerging challenges in IR.
The risk of delegating more work to existing sub-committees vs having direct oversight by the Board was considered in-depth on all issues. The MD was grilled thoroughly (even mercilessly) on every issue with reference to the Board and CEO delegations.
The Board consisted of John Thwaites (Chair), Ann Burns GAICD, Rob Goudswaard, Anna Leibel, Prof. The Hon. Jill Hennessy GAICD, Kee Wong; Michael Hirst (Company Secretary) and Tony Brun (MD). The “Directors’ certainly demonstrated that being across the issues, with critical analysis and disagreement at the Board level is productive.
Special mention to Tony Brun for the very adept and calm handling of some big issues and questions.
Great to also catch up again with Kee Wong, founder and Managing Director of e-Centric Innovations, and a well-known national business identity in technology.

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