Kilgariff Advisory Signs Agreement with Canadian Government

In 2023 Kilgariff Advisory signed an agreement with the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Consulate – SYDNY, to work with a number of Canadian Companies in the #IntelligentTransportSystems industry.

The objective of the business program is to connect Canadian ITS companies with Australian governments, as well as identify partnering opportunities with key commercial entities in the infrastructure sector.

If you are keen to be introduced to any of these innovative companies, please make contact.

Arcadis has already partnered with Niricson to pioneer Advanced Bridge Inspections, transforming the way we collect and analyse bridge condition data.

The solution employs an autonomous robotic device like a drone to collect three layers of data. First, optical images detect and quantify surface defects like cracks and spalls. Second, an infrared sensor identifies subsurface issues such as moisture ingress up to 50mm from the top concrete surface. Lastly, Niricson’s unique acoustic sensor can detect and quantify delamination up to 200mm in concrete.

Arcadis engineers use this information to consistently and comprehensively assess bridge health. The technology was successfully utilised in an assessment of the Victoria Bridge in Adelaide, South Australia.

iris works with cities and infrastructure companies in mapping and monitoring road network assets intelligently, objectively and sustainably.

Their mission is to extend the world’s infrastructure through their scalable AI-enabled pavement and right-of-way infrastructure mapping and monitoring solution – resulting in saved taxpayer dollars, increased legislative compliance, reduced risk and higher levels of service for our municipal, regional and global partners.

IRIS is an infraTech company. The company is an internationally recognised pioneer in solving the most difficult data collection challenges facing the roads, tunnels, and transport infrastructure sector today. Our mission is to help concessionaires and infrastructure owners increase road safety, reduce on-road emissions, and extend the life of the world’s ageing infrastructure through proactive maintenance, data and AI. The irisGO™ solution is placed within a concessionaires’ existing patrol fleet or on static assets such as light poles, where it uses AI & Machine Vision to automatically detect objects of interest (encroachment, potholes, broken signs, and other defects) and its attributes including type, material, class, size, quantity, and other measurements that feed into reporting and analytics dashboards.

EV charging made simple – Swyched delivers electric vehicle charging hubs that are accessible and ready to scale.

Founded in 2008, Swyched began as Cypress Power, a Canadian company that supplied smart electrification for the future of mobility. We offered a complete range of vehicle charging, monitoring, and management products and services that will power businesses into the future. Now, rebranded as Swyched, we are determined to modernize and streamline ways artificial intelligence can help your business earn additional streams of revenue when customers use your electricity.

Swyched is hoping to emulate their deal with General Motors – Brightdrop in Australia.

iBwave Solutions is a telecom radio planning software provider that develops solutions for the in-building wireless industry. iBwave is best known for its software iBwave Design, mostly used by telecom operators, system integrators and equipment vendors.

iBwave was founded in 2003 with a single-minded goal to simplify, automate and improve in-building wireless network design. By replacing error prone manual procedures, our flagship product, iBwave Design, became the only integrated software to offer an in-building wireless network design solution that revolutionized the industry.

Today, their enterprise-grade software solutions help some of the biggest global companies solve their in-building connectivity puzzles. Over 800 leading global telecom operators, enterprise, carriers, systems integrators, and equipment manufacturers in more than 100 countries worldwide rely on the power of iBwave for in-building wireless network design.

Trusted in mining, manufacturing, oil & gas, logistics, transportation, education, and all other major industries, iBwave has the experience and expertise required in addition to supporting LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and Public Safety networks.

With the largest component database, exceptional 24/5 customer support, and over 5,000 certified professionals globally, iBwave is the preferred choice by global brands for designing wireless their networks.

Melbourne’s metropolitan rail service is operated by Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (MTM). MTM has been using industry standard iBwave Design & Mobile Survey solutions for all the tunnels’ wireless coverage designs & surveys since 2018 with quite a few RF engineers owning iBwave Design certifications. With iBwave’s solutions, MTM has delivered high quality 4G/5G/Wi-Fi tunnel networks with significant time & cost savings, which we believe other metro projects across Australia can get the similar benefits as well.

Mavryck Inc, where cutting-edge AI technology meets project management excellence.

Our proprietary platform/ecosystem empowers organizations to execute programs and projects flawlessly—on time, within budget, and with utmost safety. But that’s not all, we take it a step further by driving sustainability with reduced carbon footprints, helping you make a positive impact on the world. Mavryck analyses project risk by comparing contract to schedule and highlights potential hotspots within the project to eliminate project surprises.  Our groundbreaking Text 2 Data Technology stimulates thought and empowers risk avoidance, margin improvement, and the preservation and leverage of the most valuable corporate asset: knowledge.

Elevate your projects to new heights with Mavryck Inc and embrace success that’s smart, safe, and sustainable.  Mavryck AI models are trained on more than 142,000 projects & programs information globally on variety of industries which adds value in benchmarking, accurate predictions, optimized performance, powerful recommendations, automation, integration, safety and reduced greenhouse emission. Transforming your data as the most valuable commodity. 

We also offer AI Technology partner solution services to create customized models and solutions tailored to address your specific challenges.

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