social procurement in the construction sector

#SocialProcurement in the Construction Sector was the hot topic on Stage 1 at the InsideConstruction Expo in Melbourne this afternoon.

Governments are increasingly using social procurement to achieve many social objectives such as training and employment for disadvantaged communities, particularly in transport infrastructure where annual expenditure is in the $billions.

However the approach to social procurement across terminology, KPI’s and assessment criteria is often inconsistent across jurisdictions, and even across projects and agencies. Additionally, industry can often struggle with accessing the required people to comply with unrealistic KPI’s and project disconnection with the relevant community.

All speakers agreed on the necessity for a nationally consistent framework to foster clarity, transparency, and measurable outcomes, which takes into account the distinct needs and objectives of jurisdictions. This framework should offer clear direction and transparency in the assessment and evaluation of social procurement initiatives.

Industry should also work with jurisdictions to develop the national framework for social procurement. This collaborative effort could extend to the examination of contract models, including early contractor involvement and collaborative contract structures, to ensure that community engagement is integral from the outset of the contract process, thereby enabling sustainable community outcomes.

L to R – Ryan Hollis – Director everfocusSara Abraham – Executive Director – Building & Construction Foundation (Registered Charity) (facilitator), Frank Khoweiss – National Sales Manager IPAMichael Kilgariff – Kilgariff Advisory

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