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Great to have an on-site catch up with Tony Brun, CEO of Melbourne Avalon Airport.
We had an invigorating discussion and site tour of this burgeoning aviation hub. Situated within the Melbourne-Geelong corridor, Melbourne Avalon Airport is swiftly positioning itself as a centre for transport, employment and economic growth.
Acquired by Linfox from the Commonwealth in 1997, Avalon has evolved into a bustling centre for airlines such as Jetstar Airways and Bonza, which travel to multiple and growing destinations. However, what truly sets Avalon apart is its ambitious vision for growth, particularly evident in its industrial property development and its plan to integrate the airport with rail infrastructure.
The Melbourne Airport Rail Link faces delays, yet Avalon’s determination to forge rail connections underscores its commitment to accessibility and expansion. Drawing insights from global counterparts like London Luton Airport, rail integration would promote a surge in passenger traffic, propelling growth in both airport and regional development.
And Avalon’s attraction extends beyond aviation. It boasts a sprawling greenfield industrial development site, opened by the State Government in 2016, with industry titans like Cotton On Group anchoring its growth. Recent additions include Australia Post, Petstock Group, and Hanwha Defence Australia who are building their Hanwha Armoured Vehicle Centre of Excellence (H-ACE), all of which underscore Avalon’s evolution into a multi-purpose regional economic powerhouse.
Strategically positioned near the possible future Bay West port, Avalon also shows promise as a potential hub for intermodal and port servicing ventures.
Moreover, as the proud host of the Avalon Australian International Airshow, Avalon cements its status as a premier aviation destination, set to impress audiences once more in 2025.
Avalon’s unique growth and potential is a testament to the visionary foresight of the Linfox Group, epitomising its well-developed knack for identifying and capitalising on untapped potential.
The new Avalon Airport Master Plan is near-finalised and will provide a comprehensive roadmap for Avalon’s ambitions.
No doubting a once overlooked regional airport is now poised to play a key role in aviation and logistics in the greater Geelong area.
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