launch of kilgariff advisory

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new venture, Kilgariff Advisory – specialising in public/private infrastructure, business growth, strategic positioning and planning, board and organisation governance, and corporate affairs advice. This is something I have long wanted to do.

My CEO roles leading two national industry associations over the last 15 years have reinforced that I am a relationship and commercially driven person, with a keen understanding of the major economic, social and government policy drivers, combined with a broad understanding of the key issues impacting industry. Kilgariff Advisory can work with you and your team to ensure a common understanding and productive engagement across government, industry and community stakeholders.

Over my career I have developed a reputation for building strong working relationships across industry and government, with the aim of supporting and achieving outcomes that are beneficial to industry. Over this time, I have provided high-level support to executive leaders, including various industry boards and executive teams, with significant experience with corporate governance frameworks, and a proven track record of collaborating effectively with Boards, supporting them in decision-making processes, and ensuring the smooth functioning of board operations.

I invite you follow Kilgariff Advisory on LinkedIn. There will be the occasional opinion piece and commentary on current industry issues, as well as information about exclusive Kilgariff Advisory events.

I’m keen to get cracking – and am pleased to already be working on several exciting projects with industry partners. If you would like to catch up for a chat, either in-person or on Teams/Zoom, please reach out.

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